UNDEAD: What Lies Beneath

UNDEAD: What Lies Beneath Haunted House is co-located with The 13th Floor

Many levels beneath the research facility, you will find many creatures and beasts from past experiments: some failed, some mutated and some that have simply gone awry. Taken by freight elevator to hopefully expire in a makeshift subterranean tomb, many of these creatures continue to thrive. To ensure no other failures, the facility is only maintained and staffed at minimum to ensure no one goes in and nothing comes out. The experiments dwelling below are growing restless. Despite all knowledge gained while conducting their research, the scientists have forgotten one important detail...you cannot simply kill the Undead.  You’ve seen it happen on TV and in the movies, now live the experience first hand!

Denver’s newest haunted house, an interactive experience like nothing seen before.  This haunted house was built on scale as an interactive and immersive experience, see how your nerves would fair as swarms of zombies and undead creatures surround your place of refuge, and force you to find shelter inside the various buildings and ultimately, escape to freedom. 


The 13th Floor Haunted House and UNDEAD: What Lies Beneath Haunted House are located at 4120 Brighton Blvd. Bldg. C, Denver, CO 80216...

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